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Maintenance Services

At PowerMatt we provide total IT hardware maintenance services and computer repair services to maximise business-critical systems. Partner with PowerMatt and you will have access to over 100 years combined experience, by investing in people, processes and infrastructure. PowerMatt strive to deliver cost-effective break-fix services that meet and exceed your IT goals.

End of Service Life (EOSL) Support

It is important to be prepared for your hardware’s End of Life. You can extend the life of your technology with PowerMatt.

We can match, if not, exceed the support services that you are currently receiving from the original manufacturer. Because we are multi-vendor specialists we can support every piece of hardware within your IT infrastructure.

We provide EOSL for:

We can install, relocate, upgrade or replace your devices

installed devices
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relocated devices
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upgraded devices
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replaced devices
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PowerMatt support enables you to extend the life of your data centre hardware way beyond OEM ‘end-of-life’ dates. How can your IT be end of life when your business relies on IT?

With our industry leading multi-vendor knowledge and expertise, we provide break fix maintenance and legacy HP Integrity support, Intel Itanium support and HP Alphaserver support (as well as supporting systems).

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