Upgrade your business

With PowerMatt’s IT infrastructure experience and expertise, we can help you achieve your goals for your entire IT environment and solve your most complex business challenges.

Do you need help to ensure your IT system is robust and responsive, and enables you to remain competitive and adapt to changes in the workplace?

We offer a full consultancy service for your entire IT system which includes all your physical devices and systems such as network equipment, software including operating systems, hardware including servers, back up provision, monitoring and security systems.

We will determine what your business requirements are and create a bespoke solution that suits you and meets your business goals.



Infrastructure services

Industry leading vendor agnostic server and storage management and providing 24x7x365 technical helpdesk support.

Network and Wifi assessment, design and deployment. Ensuring your network is secure and allows you to achieve your goals.

Leading edge on-premise and cloud backup and recovery to enable business continuity, complete security and peace of mind.

We will simplify the licensing procurement process, management and recommend how to maximise the use of all the Microsoft range of products.

Providing customised IT infrastructure services to enable your business to run more efficiently, remain competitive and adapt to change.

Successfully implemented infrastructure services for sectors like:




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From classic to virtual

We can help you get rid of your old informational system and upgrade IT in just 3 simple steps. 

1. Understanding your company

Before we upgrade your company informational system, we need to understand your company activity and all your workflows.

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2. Implementation & Training

After we analyzed your company workflows, it is time to automate your processes and transform your business in almost a paperless one but not before we offer training for all of your employees. The training will help them to accommodate with the new informational system.

3. Testing

This step is very important. Once everything is in place and all the processes have been upgraded, we need to be certain that this is exactly what your company needs. Based on the testing results, we can decide if our work is done or if we need to continue.

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