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IT Support & Services 

We are at PowerMatt a global IT support company with a collective experience of over 100 years, we can safely say, we are IT support services experts. We operate 24/7 365 days a year, and we have a team of PowerMatt level 4 technicians on standby at our London head office to support our field IT engineers.

We offer a full range of Infrastructure solutions for businesses, and our expertise is in IT support & service and security systems. We are able to support business infrastructure & security either remotely or by sending one of our experienced IT support technicians directly to your place of work.

Whether you need a full infrastructure set up, support with database cloud solutions or even a virus affecting your computer systems by someone inadvertently downloading something from Google. Our IT support & IT security will have solutions so you can keep your service intact and running as smooth as silk.

Our Solutions

  • DC support maintenance & service, ensuring full functionality of computer systems and security is optimised
  • Spare part support & service
  • On-line security systems
  • Remote Support for your business
  • Remote help desk 24/7 in both English & Romanian Languages 
  • Project management including IT support and service
  • Infrastructure service
  • IMAC service, install, move, add, change service
  • Web design service
  • Cloud service

Our Solution Level agreements

  • 4hr onsite support & reaction service
  • 8hr on-site support & reaction service
  • Next business day support & reaction service
  • Second business day support & reaction service

Business IT Support & Service

With our support team of level 4 IT engineers and IT Technicians, we are able to offer our services and IT Support service to your business. We can also provide customers with tailor-made IT support and solutions created exclusively for your IT Systems all designed to automate and take your business to the next level.

Business Infrastructure 

At PowerMatt with our expertise and experience in IT support & IT services, we can ensure your IT system is both robust and responsive giving you a more competitive edge in today’s business world.

As an IT service, we offer a full consultancy service and support for all your physical devices and systems and network equipment, including Microsoft software and Microsoft operating systems. Our managed hardware services cover servers, backup provisions, monitoring and security systems, and every system with our IT support and services are being designed to meet your business goals. 

Upgrade in 3 easy steps

Step one: Firstly we would need to understand your company’s activity and workflows before we can upgrade with our IT support & services

Step Two: When we fully understand how your business operates we are now ready to transform your business with our solutions. As part of the services, we offer full training so all your management & office employees understand with our support and learn about the new system to go in place.

Step Three: When all the new systems are in place and every process has been upgraded. We then test fully everything is working as prescribed including managed support engineer jobs, support analyst jobs, line support jobs are completed and support services backup is in place.

Cloud Hosting & Support Services

What is Cloud?

For those customers who don’t know, a cloud service is a computing service offered by a third party for offering faster innovation and flexible resources for storage, networking, software, and analytics on the internet (cloud services). Which our IT Services and IT Support are proactive in promoting as a cloud service offers management solutions to modernise your current infrastructure. Hosting in the cloud is the future for the transformation of a modern business in this day and age. 

At PowerMatt we are a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP). Allowing us to create with our IT support & IT Services to deliver bespoke cloud services and software support for your business. Managing your cloud account and solutions for any issues that may arise.

Our London-based Microsoft-certified IT Support and service consultants and management, can build, deploy and manage a Microsoft Azure system with added security, performance, and reliability. Ensuring constant up-time for your data storage and a very affordable cost to our clients.

Our skilled technicians can build a trusted cloud-hosting service if it’s just certain apps or information you want in the cloud or a complete migration of all data to a cloud service. As a user/customer you make the calls we will take the appropriate action and deliver a cloud-based service to your requirements.

IT Support Coverage

Our global IT support & services reach most European, African Nations and Asian including Far Eastern countries, such as Japan.

With our placement of experienced staff around the world if there is something that cannot be rectified remotely. We can dispatch one of our certified field engineers directly to your office or business in real-time who will provide IT support & service 24/7 

We have the main office in Mayfair, London, Wyoming United States of America and the Romanian town of Lasi.

For more information on our IT Support and coverage areas, please check out our website “coverage” page

Remote Support

We provide services to ensure your business computer systems are functional at all times. With our expertise and services where ever you are in the world. We have solutions with our 24/7 rapid response online IT support to access your system fault find and fix without having to send field engineers to your premises.

The remote IT support & services we offer are listed below for both business and customers personnel private computers and servers.

  • Troubleshooting and offering solutions and support
  • Access to the most IT advanced tools available
  • Installation of different software other than Microsoft
  • Setting up new computer systems and support
  • Application software development
  • Database backup
  • Remote monitoring, support managed and with a security service for peace of mind

Whatever your problem computer problem. Our IT support experts will be able to access your computer systems remotely from our London head office in real-time or any other similar support jobs. Keeping your business systems running effectively at all times.

Whether it’s a database entering error or wrongly installed Microsoft software. Our IT Support will be able to undo easy apply new solutions keeping your services optimal. Without compromising security and all are managed remotely by our IT support specialists service.

Telephony Option

We find most modern businesses do not use traditional phone setups, and more and more business management teams are opting for a Microsoft or cloud-based telephony system. If your business needs to upgrade your telephone system call in or call out our IT support and service team can help with solutions. 

London Office

At our services & support London office. We pride ourselves on our same-day IT support and service, and our problem-solving technician’s response time is second to none. We strive to ensure our IT support engineers are tracked in real-time. Which ensures our customers are more than satisfied with our IT support and IT solutions.

Our mission is to provide clients with IT support and a service second to none. So you as a business owner can run your company efficiently remaining competitive in today’s modern technology world.

Get in Touch

If you want more information as to how our IT support & efficient services can help. Or what solutions or digital transformation we have for your business. You can either call or send us a message using our website contact us tab.

To existing clients, thank you for your continued support for new clients we look forward to hearing from you soon. So we can help with our IT expertise to support your business too.

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