Datacenter Maintenance

Maintaining your business Datacenter hardware is a crucial aspect of running an effective and efficient business service. Datacenter maintenance affects your computer systems’ general usage – both by the members of your staff and your customers.

What your business needs is a dedicated and highly qualified IT solutions provider that understands the best procedures to manage your datacenter hardware. We employ efficient maintenance and management of hardware to ensure that your business critical systems are in good condition at all times.

At PowerMatt, we take our time to familiarize ourselves with
your data center hardware to provide the best service tailored to your specific needs.

We provide excellent maintenance services for servers which includes:

Hard drive replacements
system boards replacements
Cache batteries
Power Supplies
Server OS update
server relocations
Server decommission
Server upgrades
Server installations

We provide server maintenance with experience covering servers like HP, IBM, Dell, Hitachi, which will help you reduce repairs and downtime costs.

Work with us

+ 10
experienced engineers

Our field engineers are trained, skilled, and equipped with extensive knowledge to handle and resolve all your data center hardware maintenance. We also provide comprehensive field engineer information to our clients, as needed, before our field engineer reaches your site.

- 10 hrs.
reduced downtime

With us, you are assured of reduced downtimes due to system malfunctions and crashes.


Service Level Agreement

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